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Dark Circles Eye Care Cream is a must-have for every woman for a more ageless appearance. It has a light tint that blends well and can be applied under makeup. This cream reduces under-eye puffiness and brightens dark circles. Enriched with beeswax, this cream helps in cell reconstruction bringing luminosity to the eye area. How to Use: Wash your face thoroughly with water. Then, dot the cream under your eye, moving from the inner bottom lid to the outer corner of your eye.


This product is made from pure shea butter; it is extracted from the seeds of the shea tree which is rich in vitamin A&E that help in unifying skin tones and reducing skin imperfections, stretch marks, and premature lines and wrinkles and pre and post birth stretch marks thanks to its high moisture benefits. In addition, its premium quality helps in reducing the burns while accelerating the healing process. . Usage: apply to designated areas and massage gently allowing the skin to absorb the shea butter.

Skin Nourishment Cream

Beeswax is the nature’s perfect preservative and convener element. It is naturally extracted and used in this product for its great regenerative functions. This is the ultimate nutritional night care treatment. Thanks to its edible ingredients organically extracted from nature, it enters the pores and improves skin firmness, radiance and texture while maximising moisture retention. It reduces the appearances of wrinkles and fatigue. The deep absorption helps in revitalising the skin. . Usage: wash your face with water then with soap. Apply a small quantity on the face at night especially around the eyes and lips once daily using fingerprints and gently massage your face until it the skin absorbs it.