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-Fresh Natural Fragrance -Long Lasting Protection -No White Marks -100% Natural Ingredients -Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans -Not Tested on Animals . Meet Salt of the Earth's first gender neutral scented natural deodorant spray. Its fresh Am

Amber and Sandalwood Deodorant Balm

-Fresh Natural Fragrance -Long Lasting Protection -No White Marks -100% Natural Ingredients -Suitable for Vegetarians & Vegans -Not Tested on Animals.
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Bamboo & Cotton Headband

This headband is silky soft and effectively keeps hair tidy and away from the face making it ideal for cosmetic applications, facials and exercise activity. Bamboo fabric is super absorbent, eco-friendly, naturally anti-bacterial and odor resistant.


Long Lasting Protection 100% Natural No White Marks Unisex Vegetarian and Vegan Society Approved Not Tested on Animals . Our flagship Crystal Classic deodorant has been keeping customers dry and odour-free for over 20 years. Hard-working, and comprising nothing but pure mineral salt, it remains a modern skincare classic. Perfect for men and women alike, this unscented deodorant won't suffocate your pores, but instead sits on the surface of your skin, inhibiting the growth of odour-causing bacteria. . Ingredient: Potassium AlumHow to Use: Apply to damp skin after washing. To use on dry skin, wet crystal first and then apply.Tip: Drying the crystal after use will increase its lifespan.Size: 90g/3.17oz

Honeycomb sea sponge 11 cm

Honeycomb sea sponges grow in the east Mediterranean where the cold deep waters create dense strong sponges. They are the silkiest soft, super absorbent and durable sponges available and they create a rich lather for luxurious bath time pamperingSea sponges are the most natural and caring ways to cleanse, massage and gently exfoliate your skin and are superior to any synthetic alternative. Sea sponges soak up and hold more water without dripping. They are long lasting and more abrasion resistant which means they do not peel like synthetic sponges while being used and natural sponges naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria and wash out more easily therefore not retaining any odour. Sea sponges are hypoallergenic and suitable for the most sensitive of skins


The Black Elegance Sisal Mitt from Hydrea London is a resilient mitt made of natural fibres with a cotton surround to rejuvenate and relax your body.Perfect to make a bold statement in your bathroom, The Black Elegance Sisal Mitt from Hydrea London is stylish and functional, ready to invigorate and soothe your body at anytime.

Hydrea London – Exfoliating Copper and Linen Mitt

Hydréa London traverse the globe to source the finest natural and organic ingredients to formulate their healthy range of bathing beauties. Initially opening with sea sponges, the wholesome brand has expanded its range to include a multitude of bathing accessories like body brushes, shower gels and feet scrubs.

Hydrea London Bamboo Exfoliating Mitt

Increase your skin’s blood flow while cleansing and exfoliating with Hydrea London Bamboo Bodycare Exfoliating Mitt. Woven from renewable bamboo fibres, the mitt has a handy hanging loop and can be thrown in the washer to keep it in top notch condition for your personal care. Bamboo has natural antimicrobial properties so can keep your skin soft, smooth and free of dangerous irritants. Sturdy, feather-light and fits well on the hand to reach all areas. 

Hydrea London Bamboo Mane & Cactus Bristle Bath Brush With Long Detachable Handle

Combat dry skin with Hyda Natural Bamboo Body Brush with detachable handle.;It is able to be used dry after the shower or with your favorite soap.;Hydra Natural Bamboo body Brush is a must have accessory for any sauna space.;A quality-made essential.;Made from eco-friendly bamboo.

Hydrea London Bath Buffer Cream – BCBS

This  buffer is large at 50g and super soft, making it an ideal bath and shower accessory that will also look great in the bathroom! The dense layers of mesh create a rich lather and ideal texture for gently deep cleansing and polishing the skin.

Hydrea London Black Elegance Exfoliating Mitt

This exfoliating mitt removes dead surface skin allowing moisture and active skin care ingredients to penetrate. Regular use prevents in-growing hairs and can prolong a suntan. Washing with the Black Elegance mitt stimulates the lymphatic system helping drain away toxins and reducing the appearance of fine lines and cellulite.