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Hydrea London Bamboo Nail brush with Mane and Cactus Bristle

  • This nail brush has an all-natural construction
  • It has bamboo for the handle part with mane & cactus bristles for properly cleaning your nails
  • The jute string loop allows you to hang the nail brush when not in use
  • Simple yet elegant look from high quality materials
  • Use this item for even better hygiene
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Hydrea London Dual Sided Rosewood Nail Brush Natural Bristle WRH1

  • Type : Nail Care & Polish Tools
  • Brand : Hydrea London
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Hydrea London Dual-Sided Nail Brush w/Cactus Bristles & Beechwood Hard Strength

  • The simple aesthetics make this a match with any bathroom
  • Top bristles are short, stiff and angled which is ideal for cleaning nails
  • The bristles on the bottom part are soft for exfoliating the hands
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Hydrea London Natural Bristles Nail Brush

  • Cactus bristles remove dead cells from skin surface and cleans out the nails
  • Waterproof and crack-resistant plywood body
  • The ergonomic design of the brush makes it convenient for the user to handle
  • Materials used are all FSC Certified
  • Use this item for even better hygiene
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Hydrea London Olive Wood Nail Brush Large

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Hydrea London Olive Wood Nail Brush with Pure Bristle is its double-sidedness. Boar bristles protrude from both sides of the olive wood base. However, the boar bristles on the top are shorter than those on the bottom, meaning that the user can choose the one best suited to his nails rather than making do with a brush of inappropriate length. Using the stiff bristles on these professional-grade brushes, men can be assured of reaching even the most inaccessible places on their nails, serving to remove accretion and stimulate the nail bed. Each one of these brushes is made in the European Union using wood harvested from olive trees past their fruit-bearing prime. 
  • Made in the EU
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Wooden Nail Brush Cactus Bristle

Made using beechwood certified to have been collected using responsible means, the Hydrea London Extra Tough Nail Brush with Cactus Bristles is a superb product from Europe that can clean even the toughest nails. The bristles set into both sides of the nail brush come from the fibers of a cactus found in Mexico, which are famous for both their stiffness and long-lasting usefulness. Bristles on each side of the nail brush differ in length, meaning that users can choose the side that is best suited to his needs. The stiffness of the cactus bristles means that this professional-grade product can be used to clean even the most entrenched location on the fingers. 
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